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The Full Story


Let's go over what we do.

We take a scientific and mathematical approach to knife sharpening, resulting in the highest performance potential for your cutting tool.

The dimensions of your knife are precisely measured, and this information is entered in state of the art software to be used with data driven sharpening methods, giving you unparalleled sharpness.  

We do not free-hand sharpen your knives, as this introduces inconsistencies (2-3 degree variance) in your cutting edge.  Instead we use a custom-made, guided sharpening system that produces a consistent sharpness.  This is only repeatable and predictable with advanced abrasives, which is why we use the two hardest substances in existence - diamonds and cubic boron nitride.


Once the edge has been ground, it needs to be honed (deburred), which is the removal of weakened steel from your knife edge.  The honing is 60% of our process, and is typically an afterthought in most professional sharpening services, but it is what produces long-lasting sharpness.  This step is time-consuming and expensive, and is what makes your experience with us truly unique.    

After the honing is complete, to insure we have removed all weakened metal and that you have the sharpest knife possible, we use the industry standard BESS (Brubacher Edge Sharpness Scale) testing system.  Click here for additional information on BESS testing.  

We want you to experience the satisfaction of finally having a properly sharpened knife.  There is nothing like the feeling of an edge brought to its maximum potential. 

Do not bring your knife to someone who wants to sharpen it quickly, rather invest in quality sharpening.


We look forward to bringing blade science and art to you.  

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